About Us

Trade name of Gintaş Health is “Gintaş Tourism and Travel Agency” and it is an affiliate of Komaş Inc. that is a subsidiary of Türkiye Diyanet Foundation. Starting its activities on July 30th, 1991, Gintaş Tourism is holder of Group A Tourism Operating Certificate issued by Ministry of Tourism. It also organizes various other services, including but not limited to accommodation, flight ticket, airport transfer, interpretation & translation services, passport procedures and city tours.

In addition to its knowledge, information and experience in health services, Gintaş Health serves the people, who prefer to have healthcare services in Turkey within context of health tourism, through its qualified human resources. In this context, the medical services available for the people, who prefer Turkey for healthcare services, include medical consultancy, treatment planning, provisional diagnosis and check-up.

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Health tourism is a field where not only medical services but also other supplementary services are provided. Gintaş Tourism Agency has become Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global, Sun Express and Pegasus Airlines Authorized Domestic/International Flights Agency and a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) since 1992 and has the authority to sell tickets for all airlines that are members of IATA. These features allow Gintaş to sell flight tickets for individuals who want to travel to Turkey from abroad and organize their travels.

Moreover, our strong sector connections enable us make a perfect and complete plan and organize the process in line with needs, requests and expectations in certain services needed in health tourism, such as flight ticket, airport transfer, interpretation and translation services, passport procedures and city tours.

Gintaş Tourism serves numerous local and international real and legal persons through its expert staff, >30-year experience and professional approach. Adopting the principle of delivering health tourism services at global standards and making the quality service its foundation philosophy, Gintaş Health works round the clock to help you get healthy again by eliminating your health problems. We are also waiting for you for a happy and healthy life…


  • In Turkey, I never felt that I was a foreigner. Gintaş guided me for not only my health but also many other subjects. They showed the hospitality aspect of Turkey in the best way.
    Halimo Adam
  • I handed over my entire treatment process to Gintaş and then I only leant back. They thought about the hospital, physicians, my companions –in short, in all steps- to perfection. They approached me with the sensitiveness of a family.
    Baktık Abdullah